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Account Executive's

Junior Account Executive


- Developing associates and apprenticing the senior executives.
- Overseeing Client Associations.
- Link between customer and company.
- Learning full knowledge & business operations.
- Relating with administrative staff and business development team.
- Understand & act as an expert in organization.

Helpful Skills
- High empathy
- Goal orientated
- Emotional intelligence
- Problem solving
- Ability to learn quickly
- Interpersonal communication skills

Senior Account Executive


- Overseeing Junior Account Executive.
- Apprenticing Development Executives.
- Excellent leadership and management skills.
- Strong problem solving and analytical skills.
- Running workshops and training.
- Screening new potential candidates.
- Identify potential customers and set up approach strategies.
- Inventory, market research, leadership development.

Helpful Skills
- Leading from the front
- Communication
- Crew management skills
- Strong analytical and negotiation skills
- Analyzing sales performance metrics