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Rising Outline Social White_4x.png

Our Team.

Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our skilled team of professionals are the backbone of Rising Connections. Their ideas help shape the direction and mission of our organization as it continues to develop.


Mateen Salem


- Went To School For Business Management

- Came From a Family of Entrepreneurs

- Father of Two Cats


Nick Sah

Development Executive

- From Mumbai, India

- Fashion Marketing

- Film Producer

Aushlynn Timmons.jpg

Aushlynn Timmons

Senior Executive

- From Miami, FL Graduate 
Florida A&M University w/
B.S. in Public Relations
- Background in non-profit Grant/Risk management - - Hobbies: Hiking/Yoga

Joseph Noble Sr Exec.jpeg

Joseph Noble

Senior Executive

From Alabaster, AL. Graduated
West Georgia Tech w/
AS in General Business.
Hobbies: Gym, Sports, Church

Amira Brun Sr Exec.jpeg

Amira Brun

Senior Executive

- From Stone Mountain GA.
- Graduated Georgia
Southern University, majored in Public Relations.

- Favorite hobbies
are writing and working out.

Heather Nuwemwesigwa Jr Exec.jpeg

Heather Nuwemwesigwa

Junior Executive

- Born in Kampala, Uganda.
- Southern raised, Lover, foodie, dancer.

- Psych major.


Mike Crisafulli

Assistant Director

- Graduated from Wingate University

- Sports Management

- Loves Sports and Hiking


Lavender Clement

Senior Executive

- Went to school in England
- Business administration and accounting
- Love spending time with my cat


Danielle Dias

Senior Executive

- From Miami, Florida
-Former Basketball Student
- Hobbies: Rapper/Songwriter

Melissa Ledezma  Sr Exec.jpeg

Melissa Ledezma

Senior Executive

Hasina Delesline Sr Exec.jpeg

Hasina Delesline

Senior Executive

- From Atlanta, GA
- Studied English/Journalism at
Kennesaw State University
- Singer/Songwriter


Xzavier Thompson

Development Executive

- Graduated from Valdosta University

- Business Management

- Creates music on the side


Chase Garrett

Senior Executive

- Graduated from Lakewood prep

- Sports and Nutrition



Raymond Lester

Senior Executive

- Graduated Auburn University

- Double Major in Biology & Culinary

- D1 Defensive Back

Christopher Messiah Sr Exec.jpeg

Christopher Messiah

Senior Executive

- Graduated from Phillip O Berry
- Information Technology
- Anime, sports, critical thinking.

Jasmine Dearman Jr Exec.jpeg

Jasmine Dearman

Junior Executive

- Graduated with Bachelor of Social Work from Georgia State
- Background in mental health and substance abuse

- Future Congresswoman and
Novice Rollerskater

Human Resources


Miriam Rodriguez

Human Resources


Isabella Cole

Human Resources